Father's Day

Father's Day
Jada, Jake, CJ, nephew Xevi and Nick

Sunday, September 18, 2011


my weekend is going great ... it all started out friday fish night that is also
 now sunday fish night.. just cant get enough! so friday we watched the latest
xmen movie with my sister and her husband who just got back from his homeland. Africa!
this is their son.. he has never been there but as u can  see its in the blood..
my father- in-law aka pops, my mother, and my wife were watching too. half way through the movie
all that remained was pops , mommy and me. well u could just say me, the two seniors
had their heads back,  mouth open and eyes closed. lol. saturday was the home show at the arena down town and a little bowling
and another late movie , saw the final chapter.. it was ok, sunday just hanging out...
more to come good bye for now america!

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  1. Should we start call him "Native Nick" LOL
    Great shot Mr. Martin! Keep up the blogging Chocolate Dad!