Father's Day

Father's Day
Jada, Jake, CJ, nephew Xevi and Nick

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

fuck 9/27/11

 today is my birthday, and i didnt do shit! not because i didnt want to
but because my bad back pretty much runs the show.  its been bothering me
for the past four days... shit i havent even thought about having a birthday
drink. maybe thats for the best... fuck it !drinking hasnt been that good
to me anyway.  i can remember my first drink it was ( a long pause and a
crack later) well maybe i cant.. thats pretty pathetic! LMAO! any way i have
to stop.. my belly in a white t-shirt is beginning to look like a hard boiled egg..!
 i gotta hit the gym! any who.. im good... oh yea! despite the desire to drink
not that i like the high but i have been wanting to smoke some u know what for
the past week.. all because of this hit series on HBO called bored to death if u
have it i strongly suggest u watch ( on demand second season).  u will be calling that friend u know the one we all know that has it..  well i didnt take  any pics this year for my birthday..
but i do have one from last year... and yes there was some drinking involved..

Thursday, September 22, 2011


im back america! only because my manager is driving me crazy!
she is worse than my mother n for those who know my mother u know thats
hard to top... its been a long week of appointment after appointment. the first
one kinda disturbed me.  i recently  switched primary care doctors n i had to
go in for a physical .. now i cant recall my last one but this was weird, after checking
my weight, also my ears and throat she asked me to turn around and she grabbed my ass then asked
me to squeeze.. i felt like i was a part of a happy ending..  that reminds me i for got to pack
the vaseline.. in the babys bag u sick people..  i kinda miss my  job, this is a clip of the
cat burglar checking pockets for money..

Sunday, September 18, 2011


my weekend is going great ... it all started out friday fish night that is also
 now sunday fish night.. just cant get enough! so friday we watched the latest
xmen movie with my sister and her husband who just got back from his homeland. Africa!
this is their son.. he has never been there but as u can  see its in the blood..
my father- in-law aka pops, my mother, and my wife were watching too. half way through the movie
all that remained was pops , mommy and me. well u could just say me, the two seniors
had their heads back,  mouth open and eyes closed. lol. saturday was the home show at the arena down town and a little bowling
and another late movie , saw the final chapter.. it was ok, sunday just hanging out...
more to come good bye for now america!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

late night

sorry a little drunk .. yes drinking agian america! i have a good reason
the baby is still up and so is my wife.. what better reason to drink..
life is full of shit when its not going right, fuck when is it ever going
right! next time america...

good to let go

i had a good time last night chilling with my boy who recently
broke up with his girl after a long in painful relationship..
there are three kids in the mix ...
sitting there having a drink. yes having another drink! i began
to feel a little jealous. this guy made out with a three bedroom apartment
fully furnished flat screen tv's n the whole nine, also has a good paying
job with two nice cars. he is a good dad.. well i guess i always have
a place to go when my wife n i get into a fight.. Good night America.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

time to relax

oh boy the crazy baby has gone to sleep.... finally ! what to do now..... should i have something to drink...
well i shouldnt, but what else should i do ... thats the only thing [sad as it is] that helps me out
sometimes to deal with my problems.. this shit just got depressing.  fuck it! [crack] sorry that was just
me opening a beer.. lol.. if your wondering coors light is my choice.. hopefully i did't encourage anyone
to have a drink.. but if i did party on! lol. good night america..

Dealing With The am

morning america! theres no good with that cause mornings are never good in this house.
this morning i happened to wake up in a puddle of piss! this is the forth brand of diapers
my wife and i have tried  yet he still leaks through! often it leaks on the side so i guess
it has something to do with the length..lol! also this fucking nick jr is driving me crazy! i
feel like driving to canada and setting the studio on fire..

Monday, September 12, 2011


 my back is killing me!  my first day blogging and I want to introduce myself.  first my back has no cartilage and i am in pain.  I just got finished cleaning the entire house, bathing the baby and answering numerous phone calls from my mother.  i have a meeting tonight more about that later.  right now i just want to be left alone with my pain, but that is impossible.  i feel like going into my son's fucking room and pulling the cord out of the socket.  the rap music never stops.  don't get me wrong i like rap just not as a dull banging next door.

At Home

After nearly ten years working as a cook at a large Italian restaurant chain I sustained an irrevocable back injury.  Since then I have been working as a stay at home dad, husband and son-in-law.  My main job is taking care of CJ (1yr), Jake (16yrs), Kashem (13yrs), and Jada (14yrs).  I also have a really cute wife who works full time, and a generous father-in-law that stays home. 

This is my story.