Father's Day

Father's Day
Jada, Jake, CJ, nephew Xevi and Nick

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

fuck 9/27/11

 today is my birthday, and i didnt do shit! not because i didnt want to
but because my bad back pretty much runs the show.  its been bothering me
for the past four days... shit i havent even thought about having a birthday
drink. maybe thats for the best... fuck it !drinking hasnt been that good
to me anyway.  i can remember my first drink it was ( a long pause and a
crack later) well maybe i cant.. thats pretty pathetic! LMAO! any way i have
to stop.. my belly in a white t-shirt is beginning to look like a hard boiled egg..!
 i gotta hit the gym! any who.. im good... oh yea! despite the desire to drink
not that i like the high but i have been wanting to smoke some u know what for
the past week.. all because of this hit series on HBO called bored to death if u
have it i strongly suggest u watch ( on demand second season).  u will be calling that friend u know the one we all know that has it..  well i didnt take  any pics this year for my birthday..
but i do have one from last year... and yes there was some drinking involved..


  1. Did you read the adsense? Its all about people with drinking problems.