Father's Day

Father's Day
Jada, Jake, CJ, nephew Xevi and Nick

Thursday, September 22, 2011


im back america! only because my manager is driving me crazy!
she is worse than my mother n for those who know my mother u know thats
hard to top... its been a long week of appointment after appointment. the first
one kinda disturbed me.  i recently  switched primary care doctors n i had to
go in for a physical .. now i cant recall my last one but this was weird, after checking
my weight, also my ears and throat she asked me to turn around and she grabbed my ass then asked
me to squeeze.. i felt like i was a part of a happy ending..  that reminds me i for got to pack
the vaseline.. in the babys bag u sick people..  i kinda miss my  job, this is a clip of the
cat burglar checking pockets for money..

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